Origins of the
Bull’s Eye Software

From our prize-winning methodology to your computer.

Respecs Inc. operates in the energy management field since 1986. Specialized in building energy consumption analysis for its industrial and commercial clients, Respecs Inc. has developed a unique expertise, a robust methodology and powerful numerical tools used for both the analysis and monitoring of the energy consumption.

The foundation of Bull’s Eye Modeling Inc. stems from the transfer of technological knowledge and human resources from Respecs Inc. Bull’s Eye original mission was to join the different numerical tools into user-friendly modeling software designed for business managers and their consultants. Since its foundation, Bull’s Eye has benefited from the effort of its cross-disciplinary team to conceive and improve the Bull’s Eye Software, which is now at your disposal.

Our mutual team of specialists have provided numerous services to the facility managers in both the commercial and industrial markets. Our services have been provided to more than 1400 industrial facilities and in more than 650 commercial buildings. 

Our services range from energy savings projects, to energy consumption monitoring and verification, to sales and uses tax rebates as well as other tax credits offered through fiscal programs based on energy usage.

Over the years of providing our consulting services some of our clients applied for and received prestigious prizes for projects stemming from our services such as:
-The Consume Better Excellence Award from Hydro-Québec in the category food industry project in 2008 for a project with Exceldor
-The Monitoring and Tracking Award from CIPEC (Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation) in 2005 for
a project with Pratt & Whitney

And now, over 30 years of field experience and excellence are available at the tip of your fingers with the Bull’s Eye Software!

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